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Application of plant fermented liquid in sports drinks
Plant fermentation liquid, commonly known as "enzymes", is a traditional fermented food in Taiwan, Japan and other places.

Botanical fermentation broth is a mixture of fresh vegetables, fruits, medicinal and traditional Chinese medicine and other plant raw materials, which are extracted through juicing or extraction process and then fermented by probiotics to produce a broth rich in biological enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides and other nutrients.

Through fermentation, the shelf life, flavor, and texture of raw materials are greatly improved, while undesirable ingredients are removed and beneficial ingredients are added.

Research shows that plant fermentation broth has antioxidant, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, gastrointestinal and other effects; composition analysis shows that plant fermentation broth is rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, phenols, polysaccharides and some special functional factors, all of which are the basic energy substances.


Application in sports drinks

Sports drinks mainly contain three types of basic substances: water, sugar and electrolytes, and their mechanism of action is to replenish the body with energy and electrolytes during and after exercise, so as to reduce damage to the body and speed up recovery after exercise.

The addition of specific functional factors such as natural plant extracts, which are beneficial to the improvement of athletes bodily functions and do not contain doping ingredients, to the basic ingredients of sports drinks essentially enhances the bodys anti-fatigue ability, thus supplementing the inadequacy of commercially available sports drinks and promoting the product upgrade of sports drinks.

Many traditional Chinese medicines have obvious anti-exercise fatigue effects, such as lily and goji berries, burdock, yam, carnation, asparagus and other vegetables of the same source of medicine and food, while they contain a variety of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, fiber, polysaccharides, trace elements and functional factors beneficial to health.

Vegetable ferment is made from fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in all kinds of natural vitamins and minerals, and can replenish the body with the right amount of electrolytes and nutrients.

The fermentation liquid obtained through microbial fermentation of plant raw materials has a sweet but not greasy taste and a unique and pure flavor, which can enhance the athletes appetite and willingness to drink to some extent and provide physicochemical advantages for the development of sports drinks.

At the same time, through the decomposition of microorganisms, plant fermentation broth contains a large number of small molecules of oligosaccharide components, which are easy to be absorbed by the body, can replenish sugar and energy, and relieve exercise fatigue.

Enzymes have a low pH and are acidic and alkaline. When absorbed by the human body, they can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid during exercise and promote recovery after exercise.

Enzymes are rich in nutrients and the production process is natural and environmentally friendly, no preservatives or other exogenous substances are added.

Development of sports drinks

Plant fermentation broth is derived from natural fruits and vegetables and is rich in oligosaccharides and polysaccharides and other carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, phenols and amino acids. These substances are not only the basic materials to provide energy, but also part of the electrolyte. The plant fermentation broth products that add specific antibody fatigue will improve the human body’s anti-fatigue ability.

After a certain process design, the plant fermentation broth can be developed to be resistant to fatigue. Functional sports drink with fatigue effect. The reference technical route is as follows: plant raw material composition, a specific extract, a natural fermentation broth, a graded plant fermentation broth product, a sports drink basic substance, a product formulation, a product quality inspection, a packaging, and the finished product.

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