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Application of soy protein isolate in food
Soy protein isolate is a full-valued protein food additive produced from low-temperature desolvable soybean meal. Soy protein isolate is an important plant protein product, rich in nutrients, cholesterol-free, and is one of the few plant proteins that can replace animal protein. It has been widely used in food and other industries, and its protein content is over 90%. The digestive utilization rate can reach 93%~97%.

Soy protein isolate contains 8 essential amino acids and the content of some amino acids exceeds the FA0/WHO recommended standard. It is mainly composed of 11S and 7S globulin, and the protein composition is balanced with the eight essential amino acids, especially lysine.

It also contains a large number of essential fatty acids, phospholipids and rich calcium, phosphorus and other minerals beneficial to human health and does not contain cholesterol, which makes it more effective than meat. When mixed with other foods, it can significantly improve the nutritional value of the original food.

Soybean Protein Isolates in Meat Products

Using the functional properties of soy protein isolate, we produce a variety of meat-like products without or instead of meat, but with the flavor and taste of natural meat products, high protein, low fat, no cholesterol, and high nutritional value.

The main use of soy protein isolate in meat processing is its water-holding and gelling properties, which can improve product texture, tissue characteristics (cut, tenderness, taste) and surface morphology, reduce dehydration shrinkage, and stabilize product quality.

Application of Soy Protein Isolate in Baked Food

In the production of bread, adding up to 5% of soy protein isolate can increase the volume of bread, improve the color of the crust, the sensory quality of bread and nutritional value have an obvious role (such as the protein content of bread products can be increased, the volume increases, the texture is soft, good flavor, nutritional supplement effect is obvious), but also to extend the shelf life of the product.

Adding soy protein isolate to cookies can improve water retention, prevent water loss, improve the sensory flavor and appearance of the product, shorten the mixing time of the dough, make the product easy to delaminate, reduce product fragmentation, and effectively improve the shelf life of the product.

Application of soy protein isolate in dairy products

Soy protein isolate as a new type of functional additive. It is the trend in the milk powder processing industry to add it to special formulas. By adding a certain proportion of soy protein isolate to milk powder, animal protein can be combined with vegetable protein.

Soy protein and cows milk protein have similar isoelectric points, so it is feasible to produce dual-protein compound yogurt. The main raw materials are cows milk and soybean protein. The active lactobacillus beverage made through lactobacillus fermentation has very little difference in flavor and taste from ordinary yogurt, which not only has the inherent characteristics of yogurt, but also complements animal and plant proteins and has a reasonable balance in nutritional structure.

Application of soy protein isolate in canned products

Soy protein, also known as vegetarian meat, has a protein content of more than 50% and contains 8 essential amino acids. It is a high-protein nutritional food that can be processed into canned plant protein meat, making it a portable, convenient food with high nutritional value.

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