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What are the effective ingredients in sports nutrition foods
Protect joint cartilage ingredients

Joint damage is the most common sports injury. Maintaining joint health and reducing joint damage are the main functions of this type of food. Its main functional factors include essential fatty acids, pantothenic acid, vitamins, calcium, hydrolytic proteases, glucosamine, chondroitin, methanesulfonyl methane, and S-adenosyl methyl sulfide. Acid, collagen and soy isoflavones, etc.

As collagen is the main component of articular cartilage tissue, it is responsible for constructing the framework of cartilage tissue and shaping it. Therefore, supplementing an appropriate amount of high-quality hydrolyzed collagen can maintain the function of the bodys own cartilage tissue and protect the joints from damage.

Chondroitin sulfate has lubricating and supporting functions in joints. Its products are mainly composed of chondroitin sulfate or glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. It can be used as a dietary supplement to protect joints. The recommended intake of chondroitin sulfate is 1500mg/d .

Ingredients for improving muscle mass

There are two main types of substances used to increase muscle size and contractility: (1) high-quality protein and amino acids with high biological activity as raw materials for muscle protein synthesis; (2) substances that promote muscle synthesis and improve muscle contraction, such as creatine, kidney and yang Chinese medicine preparations, chromium, boron, vitamins and zinc, etc.

Taurine is a very rich amino acid in normal human muscles. It is a sports nutritional supplement that promotes rapid muscle growth. It can inhibit the decomposition of muscle protein and make muscles bigger and stronger. Commercial products generally add taurine to fruit juice containing calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals and nutrients to make sports drinks.

Studies have shown that short-term creatine supplementation can increase the storage of creatine phosphate. The increase in creatine and creatine phosphate storage can maintain the ATP level during high-intensity exercise and promote the regeneration of creatine phosphate during the intermittent period of repeated high-intensity exercise. synthesis. Therefore, short-term creatine supplementation can increase muscle contractility and single sprint capacity.

Supplementing ribose can increase the average power and maximum power of repetitive full-strength exercises, allowing skeletal muscle cells to use stored energy more effectively during exercise.

Weight control ingredients

L-Carnitine, or carnitine, is a safe and effective nutritional supplement that promotes the oxidation and decomposition of fatty acids. It can promote the oxidation and decomposition of fatty acids into mitochondria, and is a carrier of fatty acids.

In long-term high-intensity exercise, L-carnitine increases the oxidation rate of fat, reduces glycogen consumption, and also delays fatigue.

Carnitine has been used in mass weight loss, fat loss and anti-fatigue for competitive athletes. Many nutritional supplement manufacturers use L-carnitine as the main ingredient of diet food.

Prevent exercise-induced anemia

Athletes can adopt comprehensive prevention and treatment measures when iron storage declines or low hemoglobin occurs, including: (1) Chinese medicine for blood production; (2) iron supplementation for blood; (3) oxygen free radical antagonism; (4) red blood cell protection.

In sports training, we cannot overcome the factors that destroy red blood cells, but we can take more antioxidants, such as increasing the intake of nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and selenium to protect red blood cells and reduce exercise effects. Destruction of red blood cells.

After exercise, sufficient protein should be added in time to prepare sufficient raw materials for the accelerated synthesis of red blood cells.

Ingredients that increase energy storage and utilization

Malto-oligosaccharide is a new type of sugar source, mainly composed of maltose, maltotriose, maltotetraose to maltooctaose, without dextrin, and is a new type of nutritional sweetness obtained by the action of specific malto-oligosaccharide enzymes on starch. Flavoring agent, has the effect of prolonging the bodys energy supply, strengthening the bodys endurance and working function.

Anti-oxidant ingredients

Common functional factors are SOD (superoxide dismutase), lycopene, capsaicin, allicin, genistein, puerarin and auxiliary enzymes. In addition, searching for substances that can scavenge free radicals from natural foods is a very active research field in recent years.

Many natural foods have been found to have the effect of scavenging free radicals, such as wolfberry, shiitake mushrooms, ginkgo, ganoderma, tea, mung beans, ginseng, gynostemma pentaphylla, bee pollen, sea buckthorn, soft dates, kiwi juice, mountain plant juice, green bamboo plum, ginger, garlic And fis

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