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Application of crystalline fructose in low GI solid beverage
Crystalline fructose is a monosaccharide and an isomer of glucose. It contains 6 carbon atoms and has a structural formula of C6H12O6. Its sweetness is 1.2 to 1.8 times that of sucrose. It is naturally found in fruit, honey and grain juices. Crystalline fructose has a fruity fragrance, has a low calorific value, is metabolized faster in the body than glucose, is easily absorbed and utilized by the body, and does not depend on insulin, and has a low blood sugar burden.

Experiments have proved that under the same conditions, if the blood glucose rise index produced after eating glucose is taken as 100, then the human bodys blood glucose rise index after eating fructose is only 23, and some can even be as low as 19, while sucrose It is as high as 65.

Application of crystalline fructose in low GI solid beverage

According to the "International Table of International Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Value" certified by the EFSA European Union Food Safety Agency, the GI value of crystalline fructose is 19.2, while the GI value of sucrose is 68.5. "International Table of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load (2002)" provides the glycemic index of a variety of foods, including crystalline fructose and foods and beverages containing crystalline fructose.

There is also evidence that fructose can promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria in the human body, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, improve gastrointestinal function and metabolism, reduce blood lipids, and prevent dental caries. It is an ideal sweet taste for diabetics, obese patients, and children Agent.

Crystalline fructose is not easily converted into acid by Streptococcus in the oral cavity, which can inhibit the production of glucan by the bacteria, thereby inhibiting the production of caries; its peak sweetness comes quickly and goes quickly; the sweetness does not affect other flavors, and has an enhanced The effect of product flavor; crystalline fructose has a high sweetness, 1.2-1.8 times that of sucrose; its sweetness changes with temperature, the lower the temperature, the higher the sweetness; the solubility of crystalline fructose is high, and it increases with the increase of temperature ; Crystalline fructose is a simple sugar, the osmotic pressure is about twice that of sucrose, which can make the sugar penetrate the inside of the fruit better, thereby forming a conspicuous color on the outside, and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria during the processing; crystal fructose can reduce the formation of lactic acid , Helps to strengthen human endurance, and is the main source of physical energy for people with large exercise and physical exertion.

At present, the total global production of fructose is about 300,000 tons, and the global demand is increasing at a rate of 30% every year. It is mainly used in food and beverage, health care products, high-end pharmaceuticals, nutritional solutions, injections, etc.

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