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Types of fruit and vegetable powder
1. Spray-dried fruit and vegetable powder: It is mainly made from fruit juice, concentrated juice and slurry after instantaneous high temperature spray drying. The advantages of the product are fine powder, uniform color and taste, good rehydration, stable properties, easy control of the production process, and production consumption. It has moderate advantages and large production capacity. The disadvantages are: the product needs to use excipients as carriers, the juice content should not be too high, the color and flavor are partially lost in the process, heat-sensitive materials are easy to oxidize, and have strong hygroscopicity; spray-dried fruit and vegetable powder is still the mainstream product, more and more Recognized by the market.

2. Freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powder: It mainly uses frozen fruit to sublime the moisture in the fruit under low-temperature vacuum conditions to obtain dried fruit, which can be made into whole, sliced, diced, and ground into powder; advantages of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powder It is able to retain most of the flavor and color of fruits and vegetables, keep nutrients from being lost, and can retain 100% of the solids of fruits and vegetables, with high fiber content and good rehydration. The disadvantage is that the process consumes relatively high power, is easy to change color, is not resistant to high temperatures, and has poor solubility. Due to cost and solubility, product applications also have certain limitations.

3. Drum drying fruit and vegetable powder: mainly for the varieties with high starch content, after beating, they are dried in a drum and made into flakes and powder products. The advantage is low energy consumption and stable product properties; the disadvantage is that the product has strong limitations. Only a few products are suitable for this drying method and cannot be popularized.

4. Hot-air drying fruit and vegetable powder: After blanching the stems and leaves of fruits and vegetables, they are dried with a hot-air dryer, and then powdered or crushed. The product has stable properties, general rehydration, low energy consumption, and hygiene indicators. It is difficult to control and can only be used after sterilization. This method is generally used for vegetable products, and it was first used for instant noodle seasoning packets. With the improvement of pre-treatment technology, hot-air drying fruit and vegetable powder has more and more applicability.

Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Application of fruit and vegetable powder

1. Protein-based solid beverages: used to enrich the taste of the product or correct the fishy odor of fish collagen. Commonly used flavors are: strawberry, banana, blueberry, sweet orange, papaya, etc.;

2. Sports solid drinks: used to increase the taste of the product, mask or correct the odor of vitamins or minerals, commonly used flavors are: grapefruit, lime, orange, peach, etc.;

3. Meal replacement powder: including fruit and vegetable meal replacement powder, grain meal replacement powder, milkshake meal replacement powder and other categories, commonly used flavors are: banana, pineapple, mulberry, kiwi, longan, lychee, etc.;

4. Probiotic powder: used to adjust product taste, commonly used flavors are: apple, pineapple, kiwi, red cherry, blueberry, cranberry, etc.;

5. Enzyme powder: Most of the sources of enzymes are fruits and vegetables, which are used to enrich the taste of products and increase the flavor characteristics of fruits. Common flavors are: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberry, etc.;

6. Baby rice noodles: mainly sweet and sweet, adjust the taste of rice noodles, commonly used flavors are: orange, apple, banana, blueberry, carrot, spinach, honey, loquat, etc.;

7. Tableted candy: including chewable tablets, effervescent tablets, milk tablets, etc., enhance the taste of juice, commonly used flavors are orange, lemon powder, peach powder, strawberry, mango, tropical fruits;

8. Puffed food: including potato chips, popcorn, roll core crisps, used for flavoring powder taste base, commonly used flavors are: mango, cucumber, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, etc.;

9. Chocolate food: including sandwich biscuits, coated biscuits, chocolate coating materials, white chocolate, etc., adding fruit and vegetable powder to increase color and taste. Common flavors are: strawberry powder, mango, blueberry, kiwi, lemon, durian, etc.;

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