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The application of malic acid in food
Properties of malic acid

The sour taste of malic acid is round, slow but long-lasting stimulation, which complements the taste characteristics of citric acid and can enhance the sour taste. It has a good anti-browning effect when used in fruits, but at high concentrations, it can stimulate the skin and mucous membranes.

Acidity and sourness characteristics:

The sourness of malic acid is about 20% stronger than that of citric acid (mass fraction), and the sourness is refreshing, slightly astringent and bitter. The taste is slow in the mouth, and the sourness is maintained for a significantly longer time than citric acid. Combined with citric acid, it has the effect of strengthening the sourness.


Malic acid has no adverse reactions and has very low toxicity. Malic acid is an intermediate of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and can participate in the bodys normal metabolism.

The application of malic acid in food

The application of malic acid in food

Except for the food in the GB 2760 A3 table, other food categories can be used in appropriate amounts according to production needs. The pH value of its 1% aqueous solution is 2.4.    

The taste of L-malic acid is close to the sour taste of natural apples. Compared with citric acid, L-malic acid has large acidity, soft taste, long retention time, and does not damage teeth and oral cavity. It is beneficial to the absorption of amino acids and does not accumulate fat in physiological metabolism. It belongs to the new generation of food sourness. It is regarded as "the most ideal food sour agent" by the biological and nutritional circles, and it is one of the organic acids with the largest consumption and good development prospects in the world food industry.    

Due to its soft sour taste and long persistence, malic acid is currently widely used in various foods such as wines, beverages, jams, chewing gum, etc. Because of its special fragrance, it can effectively enhance the fruit flavor and can be used in fruit-flavored foods.    

Among all kinds of refreshing drinks: L-malic acid formulated soft drinks quenches thirst and is refreshing, with malic acid taste, close to natural fruit juice. And because the amount of malic acid can be 8%-12% less than citric acid (mass fraction) on average, it does not damage the mouth and teeth. Compared with citric acid, it produces lower calories and has a better taste. It is praised by the biological and nutritional circles. "The most ideal food sour agent", and has a tendency to gradually replace citric acid, is currently one of the organic acids with a large amount in the world food industry and a good development prospect.

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