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Application of food grade glycerin
Food-grade glycerin is used as a water-retaining moisturizer in bread, cakes, etc. It has strong hygroscopicity, maintains a soft texture and prolongs the shelf life. Recommended addition amount is about 5-8%

The fruit contains tannins, which are the source of bitter and astringent odors in the fruit. Glycerin can quickly decompose the bitter and astringent odors in fruit juice and fruit vinegar, and enhance the thick taste and fragrance of the juice itself, its bright appearance, sweet and sour taste. Recommended adding amount 0.8-1%.

Application of food grade glycerin

Glycerin is used in wine as a taste improver, sweetener, and debittering agent. Appropriate addition can increase the aroma, sweetness and richness of the wine. Suggested addition amount 0.5-1.5%.

When the preserved fruit is processed, the product is easy to lose water and dry hard due to storage problems. The fruit also contains tannins. Food-grade glycerin can quickly inhibit the heterogeneous proliferation of tannins in the preserved fruit, improve the palatability of the preserved fruit, enhance the aroma of the preserved fruit, improve the grade of the preserved fruit, and increase the sweetness and appearance of the preserved fruit.

Glycerin also has the special effects of anti-oxidation and moisturizing, so it can lock the moisture in the finished preserved fruit and effectively extend the shelf life. The same applies to fruit cakes.

Dried meat is a food with medium moisture content. In order to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation, traditional methods often use long-term drying to control the moisture content of the product at about 16% (water activity Aw<0.7), but this will inevitably cause the product to become dry and hard. The tenderness is poor, and the color is gray. Adding glycerin as a humectant can increase the water content under the condition of low water activity, thereby improving the tenderness. Adding 3% food grade glycerin can make the product water activity Aw<0.7, while the water content is controlled at 20%, the product tissue is soft, and the tenderness is improved.

During processing, after diluting the glycerin with pure grain wine above 50 degrees, evenly spray it on the meat or the cut meat, knead or stir it fully. It can lock water, moisturize, achieve weight gain, extend shelf life, and improve product taste, color and fragrance. Recommended adding amount 1.2-3%

As a kind of pet snack food, dried chicken breast is very popular in European and American countries. my country is the country that produces and exports the most dried chicken breast products, nearly 100 million tons per year. European and American countries have very strict requirements on pet food. Not only do they require physical and chemical indicators to meet the corresponding standards, they also have high requirements for product appearance. The appearance of dried chicken breast products is required to be rosy, smooth, free of fat, blood stasis, white silk, and dry cracks. Adding food grade glycerin as a humectant can effectively prevent dryness and improve the appearance of the product. Add about 2% food-grade glycerin to the dried chicken breast to get the ideal product appearance of the dried chicken breast.

For pastry foods, especially quick-frozen dumpling wrappers, buns and other pastry foods, adding appropriate food-grade glycerin can effectively act as a moisturizer and emulsifier, making the product anti-freezing, unique flavor, soft and delicious, and strengthen the noodles. The palatability of the product. Suggested addition: about 1% of flour.

In flavoring and coloring foods, glycerin helps shape the food due to its viscosity. In the rapid freezing of food, glycerin can be used as a heat transfer medium in direct contact with the food. Glycerin is also a lubricant for food processing and packaging machinery. Glycerin is used as a humectant in tobacco (mainly cigar) to keep the tobacco moist, prevent embrittlement, and increase the sweetness of the tobacco.

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