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Food Thickener Guar Gum
The main component of guar gum, galactomannan, is a pure natural plant polysaccharide, which belongs to water-soluble dietary fiber and one of high-quality prebiotics.

Plant polysaccharides, also known as polysaccharides, are active macromolecules that exist in plants and are abundant biopolymers in nature. Polysaccharides are not only biological nutrients, but also participate in a variety of life activities. They have physiological functions such as energy storage, structural support, defense functions, and antigenic qualitative. They are the material basis of life. It is widely found in nature and is one of the effective ingredients of a variety of Chinese herbal medicines. It is an ideal immune enhancer. It can significantly improve the function of the body’s immune system without toxic side effects on normal cells. Plant polysaccharides are effective in anti-tumor, anti-viral, and Significant effects on aging and other aspects.

Found, guar gum having various functions soluble dietary fiber in humans, can reduce cholesterol in the blood and liver, sugar load test can inhibit blood glucose level, guar gum and further having a blood insulin regulator the decline in insulin action.

The ability of guar gum to bind with a large amount of water makes it widely used in the food industry. In the food industry, guar gum mainly plays the role of thickening and holding water. The specific applications in several common foods are as follows:

Stabilization: It can stabilize the multiphase system (oil, water, solids), stabilize the viscosity, stabilize the colloid and reduce the surface tension, so that the emulsion and suspension can be stabilized, and the foam can be stabilized.

Thickening effect: increase the consistency of food and enhance the gas retention of certain juices and beer.

Softening effect: together with xanthan gum and carob bean gum, it can be used as a modifier of edible gum.

Water retention effect: prevent aging and loss of water in bakery products such as bread and cakes, extend the insurance period, and can also be used in frozen food, pudding and yogurt.

Film excipient function: such as used in fast soup, instant beverage, microcapsule flavor, etc.

Viscosity enhancement effect: increase the viscoelasticity of food, improve the mechanical endurance and gas retention of the dough. It is often used in bread, noodles and other baked goods.

Prevent large crystallization: such as preventing the production of coarse sugar crystals in ice cream.

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