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Application of modified starch
In order to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range, physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or change the size of starch molecules and the properties of starch granules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch (such as gelatinization temperature) , Thermal viscosity and stability, freeze-thaw stability, gel strength, film-forming properties, transparency, etc.), making it more suitable for certain application requirements. This kind of starch that has undergone secondary processing and changed properties is collectively referred to as modified starch.

Compared with ordinary starch, the modified starch obtained by proper modification treatment has high paste transparency, low gelatinization temperature, high starch paste viscosity and good stability, low retrogradation, excellent film formation, and strong freezing resistance. And many excellent characteristics such as acid resistance, alkali resistance and mechanical resistance.

Application of modified starch

Application of modified starch in food

1. The good thickening, film-forming, stability, and gelatinization properties of modified starch are mainly used in rice noodle products. The main modified starches used are esterified starch and hydroxypropyl starch

1) Fried instant noodles with modified starch have a crisp structure and low oil absorption, and the product quality and storage stability are better

2) In instant noodles, it can improve the rehydration, chewiness and elasticity of noodles and reduce the cooking time

3) Adding modified starch to pasta snacks can reduce oil absorption, improve the crispness of pasta and extend the storage time of products

4) In the production of rice noodles, it can be used as a texture forming agent and adhesive, which can increase the transparency and smoothness of the product, reduce the viscosity, and improve the taste.

2. The good film-forming properties, high temperature expansion and stability of modified starch are mainly used in bakery products

1) It is used as a substitute for shortening in the production of cakes and icing, providing good capacity and structure, and reducing human fat intake.

2) It can be used as a glaze agent in baked food to form a good, clear and bright film, instead of expensive protein and natural glue. 3) As a stabilizer and thickener in fruit pies, pies and fillings, it provides smooth, short-filament structure to prevent layering and bursting.

In waffles, baking biscuits and cookies, it can produce crisp texture, excellent color and better taste. In pasta foods, it can also increase the firmness and cooking resistance of the product.

Products such as crackers and rice crackers require starch to have a certain degree of swelling. Pregelatinized starch is the raw material of this kind of products, which is better than adding ordinary starch. The reason is that part of the starch in the mixed preform made of pregelatinized starch has absorbed water, and a large amount of water-frozen starch particles will bubble out during baking, causing swelling. On the contrary, if ordinary starch is used, water will not be absorbed until baking, which makes it difficult to achieve the purpose of crispness. Sometimes in order to achieve better results, modified pregelatinized starch is also used.

3. Application in frozen food. Modified starch mainly plays the role of thickening, improving texture, anti-aging and improving sensory quality in most frozen food.

For example, the skin of glutinous rice balls is easy to crack after being frozen, and they cannot be repeatedly frozen and melted. Adding about 5% of etherified starch to the glutinous rice flour for making glutinous rice balls can play a role in binding and moisturizing, which can effectively avoid skin cracking and starch retrogradation, reduce the sticky soup phenomenon during cooking, and reduce the solid content in the soup.

4. The application in snack foods mainly uses the good cohesiveness, swelling type, brittle properties and fluffy structure of modified starch. Commonly used modified starches include pregelatinized starch, etherified starch and composite modified starch

1) In extruded food, modified starch can make the product have a good degree of puffing and structure, the strength and brittleness of the product are also improved, the product structure is uniform, the output rate is high, and the functional fiber component can be increased.

2) In the microwave puffed food, the modified starch can control the volume and structure of the product, and make the product pores uniform

3) In crispy peanuts, modified starch can improve the crispy texture, giving the crispy skin a light, crisp, crisp and fluffy structure

4) In other foods, modified starch can also play a good role

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