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How To Choose High-quality Sweeteners?
Sweeteners are an important food additives that are indispensable in modern food industries, and can be used in a variety of foods. High-quality sweeteners can make the product have better taste. When choosing sweeteners, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

(1) Choice of product packaging

When buying sweeteners, a suitable package is important. It is better to choose the sweeteners that packaging specifications are consistent with the unit usage or smaller production usage.

The packaging should be moisture-proof to prevent the sweetener from getting damp and affecting the use of the sweetener.

(2) When purchasing sweeteners, please choose different grades according to different needs.

If used in beverages, it is best to choose special grades, which have high purity of 90%. It tastes similar to sucrose, which can keep the refreshing taste of the beverage;

If used in medicines, secondary products can be selected, which can not only improve the taste, but also reduce the cost;

If it is used in rock sugar products, because it is prepared at low temperature, so you can choose first-class products.

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