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Application of maltitol
1. Application in functional food

Maltitol is hardly decomposed in the body, so it can be used as a food material for diabetic and obese patients

Application of maltitol

2. Used in candy and chocolate production

Because of its good flavor and mouthfeel, maltitol has good moisture retention and non-crystallinity, it can be used to make various candies, including foamed marshmallows, hard candies, and transparent soft candies

3. Application in fruit juice drinks

Maltitol has a certain consistency and is difficult to ferment. Therefore, when making suspended fruit juice or lactic acid beverages, adding maltitol instead of a part of sugar can make the beverage taste full and smooth.

4. Application in frozen food

The use of maltitol in ice cream can make the product fine and thick, sweet and delicious, and extend the shelf life. As a food additive, maltitol is allowed to be used in cold drinks, cakes, fruit juices, biscuits, bread, pickles, and candies. The dosage can be determined according to production needs.

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