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Application of soy protein in bionic foods
Soy protein is a soybean product made from low-temperature desolvated soybean meal, separated and extracted soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate and extruded and expanded soy tissue protein. At present, the market is commonly used soy protein products are mainly soybean isolate protein and soybean tissue protein, the use of soy protein excellent functional properties, it can be applied to a variety of food systems.


Bionic food, also known as artificial food, is the result of the application of bionic technology in the food industry, which simulates natural food in terms of shape, flavor or nutrition, making the product easy to eat, nutritious and healthy, and inexpensive. Soy protein is a common additive or raw material for bionic food. Using its good functional properties, it can significantly improve the taste of food, increase the elasticity, water retention and chewiness of food, etc., and also reduce the production cost.

The addition of soy protein to bionic marine food ingredients not only improves the nutritional value of the food but also increases the gelatinous and tissue-forming properties of the product, which has a great effect on improving the taste and texture structure of the product.

Based on the good chewiness, rehydration and oil absorption of soybean tissue protein, it can be used as a substitute for lean meat in various meat products and bionic foods. By using soybean brisket protein as raw material to produce simulated smoked ham, it was found that the amount of soybean brisket protein added had a greater impact on the product quality, and the optimal ratio was determined to be 50% when the product was tender and crispy and chewy.

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