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The Characteristics Of Alginate Medical Dressings (1)
In the last article, we learned about the three major advantages of alginate as a medical dressing. In addition, alginate medical dressings also include the following advantages:

(1) The gel is obstructive. Alginate bandage has the characteristics of gel blocking. Alginate can reduce the spread of wound exudate, and effectively isolate the invasion of bacteria to prevent wound infection;

(2) High oxygen permeability. After the alginate fiber absorbs moisture, it forms a hydrophilic gel, and the free water combined with the hydrophilic group becomes a channel for oxygen transmission. The oxygen enters the wound tissue from the external environment through the process of adsorption, diffusion, and desorption;3

(3) Adsorption of metal ions. Since sodium alginate has -COO- and -OH groups in the aqueous solution, it can form coordination compounds with polyvalent metal ions.

Therefore, it is sufficient to change the type of metal ions during the spinning process of preparing seaweed fibers, so that the G structure chelates polyvalent metal ions can form a stable complex, and the seaweed fiber has a large amount of metal ions and form a conductive chain to make a multi-ion electromagnetic shielding fabric;

Metal cations in the fabric made of alginate have health care effects such as sterilization, deodorization, permanent antibacterial and antipruritic, no irritation to the skin. It can promote the human epidermal microcirculation, and also have anti-static, partial X-ray and Features such as ultraviolet light.

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