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Application of sodium gluconate in the food industry
In the food industry, sodium gluconate is used as a food additive to impart acidity, enhance the taste of food, prevent protein denaturation, improve undesirable bitterness and astringency, and replace salt to obtain low-sodium, sodium-free food.

Application of sodium gluconate in the food industry

Regulating the acidity of the food

Sodium gluconate is widely used in the beverage industry to ensure the quality of beverages and also to protect against the destruction of beverage ingredients caused by excessive temperatures caused by conventional sterilization methods, and to save energy.

Substitute for salt in the food industry

Studies have reported the use of sodium gluconate instead of salt for bread fermentation, not only to ferment low sodium bread, but also to reduce salt without affecting its overall flavor and shelf life.

Improving food flavor

Sodium gluconate improves bitterness, and the sodium gluconate salt inhibits the bitterness of bitter compounds and their binary combinations to varying degrees.
Different doses of both sodium gluconate and zinc lactate salts were applied to caffeine and found to inhibit caffeine bitterness. The above studies indicate that sodium gluconate has a modulating effect on flavor substances that present bitterness.

Improving food quality

As a new type of food additive, sodium gluconate not only improves the flavor of food but also enhances the nutritional properties of food.

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