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Pepsi plans to sharply reduce the amount of sugar in beverages
PepsiCo announced on July 1 that it plans to reduce the amount of sugar in the sodas and iced teas it sells in EU countries by a quarter by 2025. Silviu Popovici, CEO of PepsiCo Europe, said, "Almost a third of the beverages we sell in Europe today are sugar-free, and we believe this trend will continue."

Pepsi plans to sharply reduce the amount of sugar in beverages

From the current market, Coca-Colas sugar-free/low-sugar accounts for 28.2% of its operating revenue, with revenue of 60.7 billion yuan. Nongfushanquan is estimated at around 13%, while newcomer brand Yuanqi Forest, which focuses on sugar-free beverages, has seen its sales grow exponentially and is expected to have a comparable market position to Nongfushanquan in the sugar-free beverage segment. The leading companies also began to target the sugar-free track have launched new products.

In recent years, the global beverage category cane sugar usage is gradually declining, but cane sugar + glucose syrup still occupies 90% of the global sweetening seasoning market share, synthetic sweeteners / other sweeteners accounted for only 9% / 1%, the future of sweeteners instead of cane sugar space is very large. More and more countries and regions around the world are introducing "sugar tax" policies, and Chinas Health Care Commission also advocates "sugar reduction" and encourages the use of sugar substitutes.

Combining safety, flavor, and taste, technical barriers, industrial policy, and sweet price ratio, aspartame will be slowly eliminated due to safety, acesulfame, sucralose, erythritol, and steviol glycosides market space is expected, among which, sucralose and erythritol flavor and safety are better than acesulfame and steviol glycosides, more room for development.

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