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Several common suspensions
As a unique beverage, suspension-type fruit drink has been introduced in the 1980s, and has gone through more than 20 years of history. The suspension-type fruit drink has many excellent sensory effects and characteristics, such as strong realism, unique appearance, rich in nutrients, easy to drink, etc., so it is favored by the majority of consumers.

Several common suspensions

The performance and application of several commonly used suspensions are introduced

I. Agar

Agar was the first reported suspending agent for suspension-type fruit drinks. The beverage with agar-CMC as the main suspending agent has relatively good fluidity and stability, transparent and less likely to precipitate gel, and shows good combination synergy.

II. Carrageenan

The suspension effect of carrageenan -K+, carrageenan - locust bean gum -K+, carrageenan - konjac gum -K+ combination is the most satisfactory. The amount of carrageenan used in suspension drinks is 0.1% to 0.4%, K+ is 0.2% and Ca2+ is 0.2%.

III. Xanthan Gum - Mannans

One remarkable feature of xanthan gum is its synergistic effect with mannans, such as locust bean gum and guar gum. When xanthan gum is mixed with mannans, the viscosity of the mixture is significantly higher than when either of them is present alone. This property allows the use of xanthan gum complexes with mannans as suspension agents for fruit drinks.

Xanthan gum and mannose synergism in suspension drinks are widely used in xanthan gum - konjac gum and xanthan gum - locust bean gum two kinds of combinations.

IV. Low ester pectin

The advantages of LMP pectin for suspension drinks are bright and smooth taste, as well as strong acid resistance, which makes it suitable for use in acidic drinks.

Acid-thermal degradation of suspensions is a key factor affecting the stability of suspension-type fruit drinks. Acid heat conditions can intensify the decomposition failure of colloids, the most obvious ones are agar, carrageenan, mannoproteins, pectin and gellan gum are slightly more resistant to acid heat. The decomposition of colloids can seriously affect the suspension effect.

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