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The role of trehalose
Trehalose was first extracted from the ergot of rye by Wiggers in 1832, and then mass-produced by fermentation yeast, Grifola frondosa cell extraction or enzyme conversion with starch.

The role of trehalose

1.1 Used as a sweetener

The sweetness of trehalose is about 45% of that of sucrose. It has the characteristics of mild sweetness, refreshing taste, and no aftertaste after eating. It can maintain the original taste of the product and is a healthy and high-quality product.

1.2 Inhibit browning

Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar. When it coexists with amino acids and proteins, it will not cause browning even if heated (Maillard reaction). It is very suitable for foods and beverages that require heat treatment or high-temperature storage.

1.3 Low hygroscopicity

Some foods themselves are not hygroscopic, but when sugar substances such as sucrose are added, the hygroscopicity is greatly increased, which affects the flavor and storage period of the food itself. Trehalose has low hygroscopicity and will not become damp even if the relative humidity reaches 95%.

1.4 Prevent starch aging

Trehalose has an excellent effect on preventing starch aging. It can be used in starch-containing foods such as noodles, cakes, rice, butter, barbecue sauce, croquette, etc. It can play a good effect. This effect can be used in low humidity or freezing. The performance is more significant.

1.5 Heat resistance and acid resistance

Trehalose is the most stable sugar among natural disaccharides, and it will not be colored or decomposed even if heated at 100°C and pH 3.0 for 30 minutes.

1.6 Prevent protein denaturation 

Trehalose can well prevent protein denaturation during freezing, high temperature or drying. Adding trehalose to various protein-containing foods can effectively protect the natural structure of protein molecules and keep the flavor and texture of the food unchanged.

1.7 Tooth decay prevention

Because trehalose does not decompose in the oral cavity, it produces less acid and does not produce insoluble glucan that can cause dental caries. In addition, it can inhibit the formation of insoluble glucan slime produced by sucrose. Therefore, it can be said that trehalose is a kind of sugar with the properties of benefiting teeth.

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