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What’re the Uses of Sodium gluconate
It is a multi-functional ingredient that can be used in a lot of fields, commonly used for its outstanding chelating property in food and industrial uses. Also used for its PH buffering and taste improvement in food.

Food grade sodium gluconate can be used as:

A sequestrant agent by chelating undesirable metal ions.
A PH buffer in drink.
A taste improver for beverage by masking off-notes or reducing the bitterness/aftertaste from artificial sweeteners, soybean protein, minerals or caffeine.
A stabilizer in meat products by increasing meat water-binding capacity and improving its firmness and sliceability. Meanwhile, sodium gluconate is a replacement of phosphates. (1)
Pharma & Nutraceutical
It can be used as an excipient as a buffer and pH adjuster in the following products (2):

Swallowable/orally dispersible tablets
Hard capsules
Sodium gluconate functions as a chelating and skin conditioning in cosmetic and personal care products. (3)

And usually we can find it in skin care products like face cream, soap, and toothpaste.

Industrial uses
Chelating agent

With good sequestering power (over EDTA, NTA and some other related compounds) to combine with di- and trivalent metal ions, such as calcium, iron, copper, aluminium to form stable chelates and take them out of water or the solution at an alkaline pH, and with little effect on temperature.

Due to this property, it is widely used in:

Water treatment
Bottle washing
Corrosion inhibition
Metal surface treatment
Industrial cleaning
Concrete retarder

In addition, it can be used in the construction industry, as a retarding cement enhancing additive.

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