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What is Crystalline Fructose?
Definition: Purified and crystallised D-fructose with a fructose content of not less than 98.0%, and a glucose content of not more than 0.5%. It has the same chemical formula with glucose but a different molecular structure.

Is it a Sugar?
Is it Natural?
How Much the Calories?
Flavor enhancement
How is it Made?
Crystalline Fructose Vs Table Sugar?
Crystalline Fructose Vs High Fructose Corn Syrup?
Is it A Sugar?
Yes, it is a monosaccharide. Another two monosaccharides are glucose and galactose.

Is it Natural?
Yes, it is a natural sweetener instead of an artificial sweetener as fructose occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, as well as honey.

How Much the Calories?
95% of the caloric value of sucrose. (1) It can control calorie intake as it is much sweeter than table sugar.

It has the highest sweetness among naturally occurring sugars. Its sweetness is 1.3 to 1.8 times that of sucrose.

To reach the same sweetness, its usage can be reduced compared with sucrose.

Sweetness is its most important characteristic against other advantages. Its sweetness is not fixed, but changes with the temperature. The lower the temperature, the greater the sweetness.

Flavor Enhancement
The taste buds in the tongue perceive fructose firstly compared with glucose and sucrose, and the perception disappears rapidly.

Fructose does not mask the flavor release of glucose and sucrose as its peak of flavor release appears before glucose and sucrose. As a result, the flavor of beverage will not be improved and/or maintained by the addition of crystalline fructose.

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