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What’re the Uses of Neotame?
Since it is 6,000 sweet than sugar, only a very low amount is needed to sweeten the low/reduced-calorie food and drink. Meanwhile, it has better heat stability over aspartame, and thus can be used in cooking and baking products where aspartame cannot.

Neotame is also used to strengthen the sweetness in the blends with other high-intensity sweeteners.

The following food list may contain neotame:

Chewing gum
Carbonated soft drinks
Tabletop sweeteners
Frozen desserts, yogurt
Baked goods
Preserved fruits
Salad dressings
The property of heat-tolerant makes it ideal for baking applications, such as in cookies, cakes and muffins.

Stable in carbonated drinks and can be used in powdered drinks and juices to lower the sugar content and reduce the calorie intake while maintaining the sweet taste.

Table top sweeteners
Without hygroscopicity makes it suitable as a sweetener in table-top sweeteners.

This ingredient can be used together with sugar alcohols in confectionery products, such as chocolates, gums, and candies.

The stability in high temperature short time can be utilized to produce dairy products, such as yogurts, desserts, and ice creams.

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