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Is gelatin natural
It does not occur free in nature and produced by chemical or enzymatic process.

Now you may have a knowledge of the multifunctional food additive – Gelatin, from the following aspects:

Common sources: the skins and bones of pig, beef and fish.
Manufacturing process: treat with acid or alkaline, then cooked with hot water.
Composition: almost pure protein.
Types: powder, granular and sheets; with the same function but different use method.
Difference with collagen and hydrolyzed gelatin.
Uses: soft and hard capsules, vitamin coating, gummies, marshmallows, desserts, jello, yogurts, ice cream, beer, and etc
FAQs: is it halal, kosher, vegan, compare with pectin and agar agar, and etc.
What kinds of food labels have you found this ingredient in? Let me know in the comments.

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