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Flaxseed oil uses

Research shows that Omega 3 fatty acids for a serious lack of people, daily doses of 2-6 tablespoons (about 20-60 ml, according to the weight adjustment) linseed oil, six weeks or less can have a significant effect. For example, the supplement flaxseed oil two hours later, some depressed mood has improved; three consecutive days, the energy has improved significantly; in 6-8 weeks time, many depressed patients will sleep well, energetic . In 1-2 months later, need to reduce the dose, to 1-2 tablespoons per day (10-20 ml), insist on taking 4-6 months or more, can also be long-term use. For infants and young children: 9 months to two years old, 1 small teaspoon per day (about 5 ml) of flaxseed oil; more than two years old, 2 small teaspoons a day (about 10 ml).

In order to ensure the best results, you must choose cold-pressed, and unrefined, and glass bottles of flaxseed oil, the fridge sealed from light, after the need to open one to two months in the run. During the consumption of flaxseed oil to supplement natural vitamin E, can also add Vitamin E edible linseed oil.

Why must choose cold-pressed, and unrefined, and glass bottles of flaxseed oil do? Because linolenic acid is the most unsaturated fatty acid, which is very unstable when exposed to heat, light and very easy after air oxidation, in particular, heat intolerance, it will break down in the destruction of 60-70 degrees Celsius. The temperature is usually cold-pressed below 60 degrees, while hot pressing temperature is generally above 120 degrees. Refining processes (such as bleaching and deodorization) will make a serious loss of nutrients such as vitamin E, linolenic acid accelerate the oxidative decomposition, chemical toxins (such as chemical additives and peroxide) doubled. Do not put oil into a plastic container or plastic and plasticizer will dissolve into the oil. The best way to save the linseed oil is a dark glass bottle full bloom, and then sealed into the refrigerator.

We can eat fish, animals, brain and bone marrow, free-range eggs, raw green leafy vegetables and nuts, seeds, especially salmon, purslane and walnuts to supplement Omega 3 fatty acids. You can also add additional high-quality, pollution-free fish oil, algae oil or oil-leopard, the other a safe and economical way while eating a high-quality cold-pressed linseed oil. Flaxseed oil is used to mix the best way to cool food, followed by heat transfer, it can take.

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