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What is L-Arginine HCL

Chemical properties
White or nearly white crystalline powder, almost odorless. About 235 ℃ melting and decomposition. Dry state stability. 3% aqueous solution pH of about 5.7. Soluble in water (90%, 25 ℃). Slightly soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in ether.
L-arginine hydrochloride, also known as: L-arginine hydrochloride .   CAS No. :1119-34-2
L-arginine hydrochloride the active ingredient is L-arginine, used in medicine to help heal wounds and stimulate the development of the immune system, enhance the secretion of hormones, promote urinary circulation, lower blood ammonia levels, ammonia treatment poisoning. Acute viral hepatitis, chronic persistent hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver and has a good therapeutic effect, and prevent and treat fatty liver disease, liver play an effective role.


Nutritional supplements.
The product of amino acid drugs. After taking the ornithine cycle can participate in, promote blood circulation within the ammonia by ornithine into non-toxic urea, thus reducing blood ammonia. However, if the liver dysfunction, liver activity decreased formation of urea, so the role of arginine to lower blood ammonia is not very satisfactory. Not suitable for sodium ions enter the hepatic coma patients.
Raw materials for medicine and food additives

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