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Where can buy Functional red yeast rice

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The late seventies, Professor Endo and other Japanese scholars from the red yeast isolated a human blood cholesterol can reduce the effective substance, and named Monacolin-k, functional red yeast from there to regulate blood lipid provide a scientific basis.

Red yeast rice is a unique traditional Chinese food, dating back thousands of years have been as early as the Ming Dynasty, Li Shi Zhen pharmacy book "Compendium of Materia Medica", the song on the record can be used as Chinese medicine red, that red yeast nutrient-rich, non-toxic harm, with Jianpixiaoshi, blood stasis of special effects. Has always been considered safe for food supplements.



Functional red yeast rice is a kind of nature adjusting lipid red yeast rice, and it is soild - fermented by Monacus Purpureus Went which is seperated through modern bioengineer technology.

1. It contain Monacolin k and its relative componds, which can restrain 3 - hydroxy - 3 menthylgurtaryl coenzyme A ( HMG - COA ) reductase.

2, It is the most important for lowering blood - lipid. Futhermore, in it, there are many kinds of unsaturated fatty acid, which is proved to have function to low blood - lipid and prevent thrombus forming.

3. According to lots of experiments and clinical trials, functional red yeast rice with natural HMG - COA reductase inhibitors and many kings of unsaturated fatty acid has magic effect on lowering cholesterol, regulating blood - lipid and promoting healthy cardio -cerebral vascular.

4. And it can reduce human blood-cholesterol thus to prevent and cure cardio-cerebral vascular disease Our product have no citrinin and have varies of hydrolyzed amino acid.

Functional role
As we all know, cardiovascular disease is currently threatening the life of the first killer of the elderly population, suffering from high cholesterol and high blood cholesterol is one of the main causes.
Accumulation of cholesterol in the human body mainly through two ways, exogenous, who is from diet, accounting for 1 / 4; refers to its endogenous synthesis, 3 / 4, the largest proportion.
Metabolic pathways that the bodys own synthesis of cholesterol and subject to a series of metabolic processes, including key is Shu two hydroxymethyl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase in its (HMG-CoA-R) generated under the action of mevalonate , further synthesis of cholesterol. The active ingredient in red yeast HMG-CoA reductase is a competitive inhibitor, which blocks the synthesis of cholesterol on the pathway, play therapy and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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