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Chondroitin molecular weight is generally 2-5 million, the white powder, with a strong water absorption, soluble in water and become viscous solution, not soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone and other organic solvents. The chemical composition of D-glucuronic acid and acetyl amino sugars (glucose and galactose) by 1,3-b - glucoside bond-linked polymer.

The role of chondroitin sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate can play the following effect to relieve joint pain problems:

1. To provide padded effect, ease of operation, impact and friction effects of chondroitin like "liquid magnets", inhaled water can proteoglycan molecules within the cartilage becomes thick and like a sponge, and increase the amount of intra-articular synovial fluid. Thus, it can provide a "padded" role to enhance the joint capabilities and ease the shock when walking or beat the impact and friction.

2. the importance of oxygen supply and nutrients delivered to the joints, to help remove the waste within the joint is one of the important functions of chondroitin as a pipeline for conveying important cartilage oxygen supply and nutrients, while the carbon dioxide and waste to be eliminated. Because there is no blood supply to the articular cartilage, all of oxygenation, nourishment and lubrication comes from the synovial fluid. Due to aging, injury or disease caused by loss of chondroitin and hence cause the loss of synovial fluid, leading to cartilage malnutrition, dry, thin and fragile. In addition, if the lack of proper nutrition of cartilage due to injury or daily wear and tear caused by cartilage damage will be more difficult rehabilitation or healing. When taking glucosamine chondroitin intake is also very important, because glucosamine chondroitin to promote joint infiltration process. Many studies have shown, including the one published in the New England Journal of Medicine study that combined intake of glucosamine and chondroitin can be more effective in protecting, reversing damage and promoting repair of articular cartilage.

3. Chondroitin other effects: inhibition of cartilage destruction of enzymes (eg collagenase, elastase and cathepsin), so the cartilage is broken down or dissolved. From the root of the problem at the start, inhibit COX-2 activity, to stop the inflammation of the joints.


Uses: Chondroitin sulfate is an acidic mucopolysaccharide, is more commonly used clinical drugs, for some nervous headache, neuralgia, joint pain, migraine, atherosclerosis psychosis; also be used for streptomycin-induced hearing impairment and hepatitis secondary treatment.
Chondroitin sulfate on the corneal collagen fibers has a protective effect, can promote the growth of the matrix fibers, enhanced permeability, improved blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and promote infiltration of fluid absorption and the elimination of inflammation; the polyanion with a strong water retention, corneal tissue to improve water metabolism of the cornea has a strong affinity, in the corneal layer of breathable protection of water film formed on the surface, to promote corneal healing and improve the symptoms of dry eye.


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