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L-carnitine research began in the early 20th century. In 1905, the Russians Gulewitsch and Krimberg extract from meat found in L-carnitine, since then, scientists have conducted in-depth research, early studies found that, L-carnitine is a class of vitamins and nutrients named vitamin Bt. In fact, alkali chemical structure similar to choline, and similar amino acids; In addition, because some animals can be synthesized to meet their own needs carnitine, carnitine is not so that the vitamin, but the habit will be referred to as vitamin BT. American Academy of Food and Nutrition Board an extensive review of research on L-carnitine, concluded in 1989, "L-carnitine is not an essential nutrient," will not "recommended intakes." 1985 Chicago meeting of the International Conference on Nutrition, L-carnitine will be designated as "multi-functional food."

Currently L-carnitine has been used in medicine, health care and food and other fields, and has been Switzerland, France, the United States and the World Health Organization provides nutrients for the statutory purpose. Health standards of food additive provisions of GB2760-1996 L-carnitine tartrate for food nutritional supplements, can be used in chewable tablets, drink liquid, capsules, milk and milk drinks.

L-carnitine, also known as transliteration carnitine, a fat into energy to promote a class of amino acids, red meat is the main source of L-carnitine, non-toxic side effects on the human body. Different types of diet already contains 5-100 mg of L-carnitine, but most people only from dietary intake of daily 50 mg intake of less vegetarians. The main physiological function of L-carnitine to promote fat into energy, taking L-carnitine can reduce body fat, reduce weight, while not reducing water and muscle, in 2003 by the International Obesity health organizations identified as the most safe and side effects of weight loss nutritional supplements.

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