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MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate, should be noted that if temperatures above 100 ℃ using monosodium glutamate, flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate will shift focus glutamate, sodium pyroglutamate Although not harmful to humans, but the focus no flavor glutamate, MSG will lose flavor. Also if in an alkaline environment, MSG will produce a chemical reaction from the disodium substance called glutamate. So the proper use and storage. Glutamate is an amino acid glutamic acid sodium salt. Is an odorless, colorless crystals, 232 ° C when the disintegration of the melt. Water-soluble sodium glutamate good solubility of 74 g sodium glutamate.

MSG seasoning is a main component of sodium glutamate. MSGs primary role is to increase the foods flavor, used in most Chinese dishes, soups and sauces can also be used.

MSG finished columnar crystal or white crystalline powder, is widely used by domestic and one fresh spices. The main components of glutamic acid and salt. Every day we eat the salt water, diluted 400 times, have felt no salt, sugar water, diluted 200 times normal, and not feel sweet, but the sodium salt of glutamic acid, diluted with water for 3,000 times, still feeling to the flavor, hence the name "MSG." Sodium glutamate (C5H8NO4Na), also known as sodium glutamate. Glutamate is an amino acid, the final breakdown product of protein. MSG is the use of microbial fermentation of food made ​​by the modern method of seasoning.


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