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Carrageenan properties and colloid chemistry

Carrageenan properties

 Carrageenan (Carrageenan) first originated in the southern Kara Ireland Bergen. 18th century industrial production. Currently the main raw material for the red algae Eucheuma seaweed and carrageenan, such as algae, algae and other fir. Galactose residues according to their lipid sulfate on the different groups, divided into κ-type, ι-type, λ-type.

 Sulfate or sulfate of the base of the galactose and 3,6 - dehydrated galactose
 By α-1, 3 glycosidic bond and the β-1, 4 bond alternating connection is made
 In the 1,3 D-galactose unit connected on C4 with a sulfate.
 Molecular weight of 200,000 or more.

 Colloid chemistry
 ● Solubility: insoluble in water, but can swell into a plastic block, is not soluble in organic solvents, soluble in hot water into a translucent colloidal solution (above 70 ℃ hot water in the dissolution rate increased;
 ● gelling: in the presence of potassium ions can generate heat reversible gel;
 ● thickening: the formation of low viscosity at low concentration of the sol, close to the Newtonian fluid, the concentration increased the formation of high-viscosity sol, then was non-Newtonian fluids.
 ● synergy: the locust bean gum, konjac gum, xanthan gum and other colloidal synergistic effect, can increase the flexibility of the gel and water retention;
 ● health value: Carrageenan has the basic characteristics of soluble dietary fiber in vivo degradation of the carrageenan with the formation of soluble fibrin complexes. Coliform bacteria can be fermented into CO2, H2, methane, and formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid and other short-chain fatty acids, as the energy source of probiotics.

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