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Carrageenan in food applications

Application in food
Ice cream (ice cream): prevention of whey separation, slow to melt. Sweet jelly, jelly: gelling agent.
Chocolate Milk: suspension, increased texture. Juice: the pulp particles uniformly fine, suspension, increase the taste.
Plastic fat milk: smooth, add texture. Candy: good gelling agent.
Condensed milk: Emulsion stability. Bread: increase water retention and slow hardening
Processed cheese: to prevent the liquid off the contraction. Pie: paste effect, increasing the texture.
Infant formula: to prevent fat and whey separation. Seasonings: SC, excipients, bring glossy feel.
Milk pudding: gelling agent to increase the texture. Canned food: gelling, stable fat.
Frozen foam cakes: to prevent the fat off the liquid separation and shrinkage, deformation. Meat: just off the liquid fat contract, binder.
Milkshake: suspension, increased texture. Beer industry: clarifying agent, stabilizing agent.
Acidified milk: add texture, creamy toothpaste: bonding

Carrageenan (also known as carrageenan or antlers algin) is brought from the red algae in the natural polysaccharide gums, are widely used in food industry, chemical industry and biochemistry, medical research and other fields. Carrageenan has a hydrophilic colloid formation, gel, thickening, emulsifying, Wei film, and stability dispersion characteristics, which are widely used in dairy products, ice cream, fruit juice, bread, water gel (water jelly), meat , condiments, canned food and so on. Adjustable dubbed jelly powder, soft powdered sugar, pudding powder, jelly powder, Western-style ham deployment of powder. Its unique properties can not be replaced by other resins, allowing the rapid development of carrageenan industry, now the worlds total production of carrageenan has far exceeded the annual production of agar. Good water-soluble carrageenan, began to dissolve at 70 degrees, 80 degrees is completely dissolved. Dried carrageenan powder is very stable, long-term placement will not be quickly hydrolyzed than other sugar pectin or alginate stability better. Carrageenan in neutral and alkaline solution is also very stable, even if the heating is not hydrolyzed. Because of the many physical and chemical properties of carrageenan, satisfactory flexibility, transparency and dissolved carrageenan expanded the scope of application performance; safe non-toxic properties have been the UN FAO and WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (UECFA) recognized. So in recent years, the rapid development of carrageenan at home and abroad, a surge in demand

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