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Why in the meat processing by adding carrageenan

Carrageenan is a natural food additive, it is a red seaweed carrageenan, Eucheuma cotton fibrous and spiny Kirin dishes as raw material, extraction, concentration, precipitation, drying is made. Main ingredient is sulfur acid ester 20% sugars from sulfuric acid ester α-1.3, β-1.4 key alternately connected to form glycosides of galactose sulfate salt, dehydration and 3.6-straight-chain polymer composed of galactose.


Compound used in many meat carrageenan, carrageenan to enhance the effectiveness and performance, it has formed in the processing of hydrophilic colloid, gel, thickening, stability, and dispersion characteristics, improve product water retention, reduce cooking loss and improve the system of rates, improve meat toughness, formability and slices, making products taste good, have good organizational structure, dense slices, and meat color, smell, taste is not affected. Therefore, carrageenan gum or compound (such as health Eagle carrageenan) is an additive necessary to meat production.
Carrageenan in saline ham or sausage commonly used in production. Its good water solubility, 80 ℃ can be completely dissolved; with strong protein binding, it is composed of protein molecules and carboxyl groups of amino acids by the divalent salt ions between the synthesis of complex networks. Because carrageenan ester sulfate negative charge has nothing to do with the pH of the medium, while the protein is negatively charged, so when the pH of the medium is greater than the protein isoelectric point, this complex system is not evenly distributed in the precipitation. Carrageenan gel formation with heat reversible, when the ham core temperature in the 75 ~ 85 ℃, the carrageenan is completely dissolved, further hydration; When the ham is cooled to 50 ~ 60 ℃, the carrageenan will form a gel and sufficient to maintain moisture, the product manufacturing rate of 150 out of 180%, and the formation of slices good sense, good taste of the ham organization.
Carrageenan can improve product quality can be seen to improve the production rate; however, such as improper use, can not fully play its role.

Use of carrageenan should be first in their high-speed mixing powder dispersed in cold water, which can prevent the formation of clumps, and then heated to dissolve the carrageenan.

Commonly used as a meat additive carrageenan, give meat to bring good organizational structure and texture, improve the system of rates. To achieve the best results, master the correct use is important.

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