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Carrageenan role in the production of jelly

Carrageenan as a good coagulant, can replace the usual agar, gelatin and pectin. Jelly made ​​with agar lack of flexibility, higher prices; to do with the gelatin jelly drawback is the water freezing and melting point is low, preparation and storage of cold storage is required; with pectin disadvantage is the need to add sugar and adjust the high solubility proper pH can be solidified. Carrageenan not have these disadvantages, with the carrageenan jelly made ​​from water and not flexible, so it became common jelly gel.

 Carrageenan in the application of jelly should note the following:

 First, as part of konjac gum carrageenan system, its relatively high solubility, and therefore warm. Such as the holding time is not enough, not completely dissolved, the bad taste to make the jelly, jelly can cause serious tender without forming; but holding time is too long, carrageenan and slightly alkaline, or sodium citrate and the like added the buffer, it is easy to acetylation degeneration occurs, resulting in "egg soup" phenomenon, may still not forming jelly. It is recommended not to heat after boiling in summer, warm in winter after boiling 10min, spring and autumn in between.

 Second, because carrageenan is not acid, acid temperature as low as possible, usually in the 70 ℃ -80 ℃ before or jelly filling according to the actual process conditions, the higher the temperature of carrageenan or more can easily be destroyed, affecting the taste, also proposed to add citric acid dissolved in water to avoid local over-acid; adjusting the pH value is generally not less than 4, a more sour taste should be supporting the use of other colloid; pasteurization will also affect the taste, according to the actual situation regulation.

 Third filter. In the boiling, use the mesh filter liquid, which aims to remove the insoluble particles of konjac gum, get a relatively transparent jelly, which could be the effect of some high-grade transparent jelly.

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