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Acesulfame-K application in food industry

Acesulfame-K potassium found later by Karl Kraus and Harald Jensen at Hoechst in 1967, accidentally discovered a similar compound, is todays AK sugar.

Microbial degradation of food will not acesulfame, acesulfame it can also be used by the fermentation of food production and processing, acesulfame food will not suffer the damage caused by deterioration of the micro-organisms, because there are more than a few acesulfame kinds of stability, so it is widely used in the production of low-sugar or sugar-free baked goods.

Acesulfame-K not found in the production of Acesulfame-K and other food materials react, especially the flavor, so use acesulfame-K sweetened products, as long as the flavor and fragrance itself does not change, its quality remained stable. Acesulfame-specific stability, making it broader range of applications.


 Acesulfame-K as a new sweetener use in food production to go through rigorous toxicological tests, in order to be officially used, acesulfame number of studies conducted in a thorough experiments to determine its safety performance, Acesulfame-K does not affect the normal function of people not involved in human metabolism, but no change in the body, so it is completely calorie-free, suitable for the elderly, obese patients, diabetic patients use.

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