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Extensive use of acesulfame-K

Acesulfame-K available for a wide range of sweeteners in food, including food for diabetics and low-energy food.


 Because acesulfame-K high stability in aqueous solution, so it is suitable for application in diabetic patients with low-energy and the drinks. If used alone, as long as the drink contains 800 ~ 1000mg / L or less of the concentration can be satisfied with the sweet. Acesulfame-K is also often associated with candy, glucose, high fructose corn syrup or sugar mixed with sugar and acesulfame as a relatively high consistency and taste of their different characteristics, people usually drink sweeteners that the use of mixed consistency of large, good viscosity .


 When the production of jam, jelly, in order to improve the texture of these products, you must add sorbitol and the like filler, which can produce more energy at a much lower sugar products to finished products. Relative to the use of sugar products, use acesulfame jam, jelly because the concentration of active compounds with low permeability, thus less susceptible to microbial infection and the corruption, appropriate preservatives also help to avoid microbial infection.

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