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Isomaltitol characteristics
Isomaltitol has the following characteristics:
① diabetes patients for food, does not cause blood sugar and insulin rise.
② Non-cause of dental caries, Streptococcus mutans within the oral cavity can not be broken down to use, does not produce acid and dextran, will not cause tooth decay, especially for young children.
③ low heat, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and fear of fat people eat.
④ high tolerance, a lot of sweeteners, such as sorbitol, xylitol, hydrogenated glucose syrup, maltitol syrup, and a lot of oligosaccharides, such as eating too much can cause bloating, bowel, diarrhea and discomfort and, therefore, FAO / WHO provide that the maximum usage, but the body Isomaltitol amount of  tolerance, but the big surprise, the daily intake of 50g will not cause stomach discomfort, so by the Joint FAO / WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives review by on Isomaltitol daily  intake may be provided.
⑤ reasonable negative heat of solution, Isomaltulose alcohol negative heat of solution only -39.4KJ/kg, it will not appear uncomfortable in the cold taste taste.
⑥ sweet and pure natural, with other high-intensity sweetener (such as sodium cyclamate, stevioside) with the use of other high-intensity sweetener to cover up the bad taste.
⑦ high stability, Isomaltitol to polyol, there is no reduction, very stable, strong acids, alkali conditions, not hydrolysis, at very high temperatures does not produce pigment, compared with sucrose, on its stability in the value is 10 times more; not the other ingredients and food in a chemical reaction, such as the Maillard reaction with amino acids. Isomaltitol most microorganisms can not be used, hence the use of Isomaltitol products have a longer shelf life.
⑧ non-hygroscopic, and sucrose, glucose or some oligosaccharides compared Isomaltitol has a very low moisture absorption. At 25 ℃ relative humidity 70%, basically no moisture absorption, ease of packaging and transportation.
⑨ Isomaltitol is a good Bifidobacterium proliferation factor, although Isomaltitol and the human body can not be used by the vast majority of microbial enzymes, but it can be human intestinal bifidobacteria by the decomposition use, promote growth and reproduction of bifidobacteria maintain intestinal micro-ecological balance, beneficial to human health.

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