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Isomaltitol application

Because Isomaltitol with many excellent features, so it is suitable for the production of equipment with ordinary products. The Isomaltitol with pure taste like sugar in general, no bad after taste and odor, can occur with high-intensity sweetener synergy and cover up after the latters bad taste and odor, low moisture absorption, high stability , low energy, non-dental caries, etc., so it is a perfect sugar substitute. Currently Isomaltulose alcohol has been widely used in the production of various types of food: candy hard candy, chewing gum, chocolate, jelly, soft drinks, ice cream, baked goods, and compression and so on. Hard candy: Because Isomaltitol absorption is small, so the production stamping, filled, bonded or molded hard candy will not stick together, not easy to cold, the product can be produced in bulk packaging where, one by one without heat sealing and packaging, can greatly reduce costs and make products have a longer period the prices of goods.


Isomaltitol absorption characteristics of small applications in this field is very extensive. 160-200 mesh powder Isomaltitol after use in the candy coating on the candy shelf life can be extended to make it easier for the candy packaging, thus reducing production costs. Chewing gum and tablet: Isomaltitol solubility is small, it was in the crystalline film and the pressure of chewing gum, flavor characteristics and is very close to sugar, sweet to ease the negative heat of solution is small, can fully show the flavor of candy , sweet sweet than other products, continuation of a long time.

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