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Isomaltitol application in the food industry

Application in the food industry

 Widely used in candy, beverage, dairy, baking and other industries.

 1, maltose syrup because it contains a lot of dextrin, with good anti-crystalline, used in the food industry, jam, jelly can be made ​​to prevent sugar crystallization, extend product shelf life.

 2, in the confectionery industry applications, not only the taste of soft, moderate sweetness, the product is not easy to color, but also has good transparency, has good resistance to anti-sand smelt, so it can extend the shelf life.

 3, maltose syrup, pure taste, low sweetness of sucrose 40%, with higher performance and the expansion of higher viscosity products can make sticky, rich structured so cold products volume enlargement, and because the malt syrup lower the freezing point, to improve the taste of cold products.

 4, maltose syrup used in drinks, cold drinks, dairy products, liquid health tonic, jam, jelly products, honey, processed products and other industries, in addition to other costs instead of white sugar, malt syrup shaping as good, good anti-crystallization, anti-oxidation, viscosity, the products taste better and extend shelf life.

 5, low-malt syrup for sweetness instead of maltodextrin can also be an additive for products, but also with other functions and uses of high maltose syrup, glucose similar.

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