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Isomaltitol in the application of sugar-free candy

 Sugar-free hard candies

 There are sugar-free hard candies, fruit flavored type Qingyan throat type ﹑ have milk flavor type. Taste and aroma flavor requires moderate sweetness ﹑ prominent.


 Production of sugar-free hard candy to use Isomaltulose alcohol boil sugar and high acid stability ﹑ ﹑ low moisture absorption and adsorption ability to retain flavors and flavor characteristics, can improve product texture stability, candy shiny surface, there candy aroma and flavor to help the release of same to the sweetness of fresh products.


 Qingyan throat type of traditional Chinese medicine (Medicinal and Edible) sugar-free candy is rising, the application Isomaltulose alcohol can not only effectively retain and-release Chinese medicine, but also improve the taste, more suitable for children ﹑ obesity and diabetes.


 With Isomaltitol hard candy  production, the main problem is likely to crystalline quality, but not made ​​molten. Can solution is: add 10 to 15% of hydrogenated starch hydrolysates Isomaltitol can increase the crystallization time and reduce the crystallization phenomenon, it can inhibit the crystallization process. Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates are moisturizers ﹑ crystallization modifier, but also with good flavor combination, improve the candy pleasure.

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