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Stevia identification of raw medicinal herbs

Identification of raw medicinal herbs

 Character identification
 This product is more broken or wrinkled, green grass, after a complete blade was flattened obovate to broadly lanceolate, length 4.5-9.5cm, width 1.5-3.5cm; light side blunt, base cuneate; in the upper coarse serrated edge , lower margin entire; three central main vein veins obvious sign of trouble, both sides pubescent; with short petioles, leaf petiole at the base until the next regular; thin leathery, brittle and fragile. Gas micro, taste very sweet.

 Microscopic identification
 Leaf cross-section: a class of epidermal cells square curved cells, thicker wall, was a foreign-based wax. The pores of the upper and lower epidermis infinitive, the following skin as much, and how cells of the glandular cloth and 5-11 cells composed of non-glandular hairs, there are glands under the skin scales distribution. 2-3 out of palisade tissue cells, were more common in 2 split, not through the veins. Spongy tissue, loosely arranged. The main vein vascular bundle outside the tough type, phloem narrow, lateral fiber belted, radial arrangement of xylem, parenchyma cells inside the wood base.

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