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Xylitol introduction
Xylitol is a normal intermediate product of xylose metabolism, pure xylitol, a white appearance is white crystal powder or crystal. In nature, widely found in fruits, vegetables, grains, foods like mushrooms and wood, straw, corn cobs and other plants. It can be used as sweeteners, nutritional and pharmaceutical agents in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries widely used.
 Its molecular formula is C5H12O5, is a five-carbon sugar alcohol.
  Xylitol originating in Finland, from white birch, oak, corn cob, sugar cane bagasse and other plants in a natural plant extract sweetener.
 Unless otherwise noted, it is difficult to distinguish between xylitol and sucrose.
  Xylitol taste better cold, the sweetness of sucrose can be achieved 1.2 times. Xylitol is often accompanied by a little after the entrance of the cool feeling, because it is soluble in water and will absorb some heat when dissolving.
  Toxicity: oral LD50 in mice is 22g/kg weight, safety, ADI does not make special provision in a certain extent, also help the cleanliness of the teeth, but excessive consumption is also possible side effects such as diarrhea, which can not be ignored.

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