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Xylitol side effects and hazards

Xylitol side effects and hazards
Speaking from the physical and chemical properties of xylitol, are biased cold in nature, as seafood, green beans like the food, it can not easily be broken down directly into the stomach and intestinal enzymes, overdose, there are certain gastrointestinal irritation, may cause abdominal discomfort, flatulence, bowel. And because the rate of xylitol absorption in the intestine less than 20%, easily accumulate in the intestinal wall, could easily lead to osmotic diarrhea. The Chinese constitution, the day the upper limit of intake of xylitol is 50 grams. Light chewing gum should be no problem, but if you eat a lot of other xylitol foods, you need to pay attention to the amount of.

Excessive consumption of xylitol will increase in blood lipids.

By xylitol and glucose as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen consisting of carbohydrates, metabolism of xylitol in the original, may not need insulin to participate, but later in the metabolism, you need insulin to promote. Therefore, xylitol can not replace glucose to correct metabolic disorders, and does not reduce blood sugar, urine sugar, improve clinical symptoms. Clinical practice has shown that xylitol is no cure for diabetes, but eating too much xylitol, blood triglycerides increased, causing coronary atherosclerosis, therefore, people with diabetes should not eat xylitol.

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