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Xylitol function

Xylitol function

Do diabetic sweetener xylitol, nutritional supplements and auxiliary therapeutic agents: Xylitol is an intermediate body carbohydrate metabolism, the lack of insulin in the body affect glucose metabolism in the case, do not promote insulin, xylitol can also be through the cell membrane, absorbed and used by organizations to promote glycogen synthesis, nutrition and energy for the cells, and does not cause elevated blood glucose levels and eliminate diabetes after taking more than three symptoms (more food, drink, urine) is most suitable for diabetics nutrition of sugar substitutes.

Improve liver function
Xylitol can promote glycogen synthesis, glucose does not increase, improvement of liver function in patients with liver disease and anti-fatty liver, treatment of persistent hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis have significant effects, is complicated by hepatitis ideal adjuvant disease patients.
Anti-dental caries function
Anti-caries properties of xylitol sweetener in all the best, first of xylitol in the mouth can not be produced using bacterial fermentation of dental caries, Streptococcus inhibited growth and acid production; second time in chewing xylitol , can stimulate saliva production, saliva much either rinse the mouth, teeth, the bacteria can also increase the saliva and dental caries spots at the basic amino acids and ammonia concentration, while slowing down the PH value mouth, teeth hurt in acidic substances and dilution, inhibited the adsorption of bacteria to the tooth surface, thereby reducing the etching of teeth to prevent dental caries and reduce plaque generation, consolidated teeth.

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