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The notes of mannitol injection
 (1) Except for the use of bowel preparation should be intravenous administration.
(2) crystallization of mannitol in cold easily, so the application should be carefully examined before and, if crystalline, may be set to force hot water or crystal oscillation to be completely dissolved before use. When mannitol concentrations higher than 15%, the filter should be used with infusion.
(3) select the appropriate concentration according to the disease and avoid unnecessary use of high concentrations and large doses.
(4) use low concentrations of mannitol and sodium chloride solution containing excessive dehydration and reduce the incidence of electrolyte imbalance.
(5) for the treatment of salicylate or barbiturate poisoning, should be combined with sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the urine.
(6) The following caution:
① significant cardiopulmonary dysfunction, because the drug caused a sudden increase in blood volume can cause congestive heart failure;
② hyperkalemia or hyponatremia;
③ low blood volume, after the application may be exacerbated by diuretic, or low blood volume so that the original case was overshadowed by the temporary expansion;
④ severe renal failure and reduce the excretion of the drug accumulation in the body, causing blood volume increased significantly, increase the heart load, induced or exacerbated by effort failure;
⑤ of mannitol can not tolerate.
(7) does not appear to high-dose diuretic response to mannitol, can significantly increase plasma osmolality, and therefore should be alert to the occurrence of blood hypertonic.
(8) follow-up examination:
① blood pressure;
② renal function;
③ blood electrolyte concentrations, especially Na + and K +;
④ urine.
Pregnant and lactating women mannitol through the placental barrier.
Pregnant women with caution.

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