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Absorption principle of folic acid

Absorption principle

 Folic acid absorption in the intestine, the portal vein into the liver, the liver under the action of dihydrofolate reductase, into a active tetrahydrofolate. The latter is the transfer of the body, "a carbon-based group," the carrier, is a major factor in DNA synthesis. After oral administration, in the gastrointestinal tract (mainly the upper duodenum) is almost completely absorbed, 5-20 minutes, can occur in the blood, 1 hour up to maximum plasma concentration. Most of the major storage in the liver, the main body of folic acid and methotrexate was broken down into amino benzoyl glutamic acid. Plasma half-life of about 40 minutes. Row to the intestine from the bile of folic acid can no longer be absorbed by the formation enterohepatic circulation.


 Chronic alcoholism, the daily intake of folic acid from the large amount of food restriction on the enterohepatic circulation of folic acid may be due to alcoholic liver parenchymal cells of the toxic effects of the barrier. But this is easily corrected, as long as normal diet is enough to overcome the influence of alcohol. As well as in pregnancy, lactation period, the body can lead to increased demand for folic acid, folic acid supplement is the indication.

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