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Vitamin B6 on the brain

Physiological effects and phenomena
 Vitamin B6 on the brain

 Vitamin B6 group will soon be converted into secondary Mei pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate, these two Mei and protein metabolism in a very close relationship, pyridoxal phosphate is the following Mei replacement material:

 Amino acid metabolism amino transfer when required, especially for methionine amino, cystine, cysteine​​, etc. Amino acid metabolism during decarboxylation (= COOH) role required.

 Into sulfur-containing amino acids required (methylthio amino, cystine, cysteine​​, etc.), high homocysteine ​​is a lack of vitamin B6, pay attention.

 Methionine → homocyteine ​​+ serine (serine) → pyruvate (coke glucose) + H2S + NH3 → TCA cycle (produce energy + CO2 + H2O).


 Methionine amino acid is a methyl group (methyl group) of the important amino acid, vitamin B6 exist without this effect can not be. Shall not be a lot of carbonation, such as to synthetic fats, amino acids and other carbon frames.


 And color into niacin amino about, tryptophan → nicotinic acid, if the lack of vitamin B6, that produce intermediate metabolites --- yellow acid (xanthurenic acid), this material will destroy pancreatic β-cells in the body, leading to incidence of diabetes. Clinically, to verify the amount of uric acid in urine to determine whether the yellow vitamin B6 deficiency, if too much uric acid yellow, that means the risk of vitamin B6 deficiency.

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