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Vitamin B6 effect

Vitamin B6 and vascular complications of diabetes

 Vitamin B6 can reduce the vascular complications of insulin-treated diabetic rats, vascular disease, diabetes complications are leading causes of death. Artery disease in insulin-dependent diabetes (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM) and non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NonInsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, NIDDM) patients were higher than the average prevalence. Complications of diabetes, vascular disease is mainly caused by atherosclerosis.


 Vascular endothelial cell injury (Endothelial injury) are thought to cause atherosclerosis. Thrombogenicity factor (Thrombogenic factors), including excessive platelet activation (Hyperactive) or excessive platelet aggregation, will facilitate the process of atherosclerosis.


 Activation pattern of vitamin B6, pyridoxal phosphate ratio (Pyridoxal phosphate, PDP), has the protection of vascular endothelial cells, reducing endothelial cell injury induced by activated platelets, inhibiting platelet aggregation and the role of blood coagulation, inhibiting platelet production forefront of the coagulation factors (Thromboxane A2, TxA2) and vascular endothelial cells to produce prostaglandin ring (Prostaglandin I2, PGI2) role, and to reduce the vascular endothelial cell morphology changes.


 Vascular endothelial cell damage, atherosclerosis is considered an early pathological phenomena, such changes affect the vascular endothelial cells, many functions, including permeability, adhesion, movement, cell proliferation and the ability to generate material.

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