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Nutritional requirements of vitamin B6

Nutritional requirements

Vitamin b6 is the body fat and glucose metabolism in essential substance, metabolism of estrogen in women also need vitamin b6, so it is very beneficial control of certain gynecological diseases. Many women take birth control pills lead to a result of pessimistic sentiment, fiery, self-perceived fatigue, a daily supplement of 60 mg to relieve symptoms. Some women suffer from premenstrual tension syndrome, manifested as pre-menstrual eyelid, hand, foot edema, insomnia, forgetfulness, eating 50 to 100 mg daily of vitamin b6 symptoms can be completely alleviated. B6-rich foods are tuna, lean steak, chicken breast, banana, peanuts, beef, etc..


 Physiological function

 1, the neurotransmitter involved in vitamin B6 in addition, glycogen, sphingomyelin, heme, steroids and nucleic acid metabolism, the involvement of all amino acid metabolism.

 2. Vitamin B6 and one carbon unit, vitamin B12 and folate metabolism, metabolic disorders can cause if they megaloblastic anemia.

 3. Vitamin B6 deficiency can damage DNA synthesis, the process of maintaining proper immune function is very important.

 4. Vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and the close relationship between vitamin B6 deficiency is often accompanied by symptoms of vitamin B2.
 5. Vitamin B6 has reduced the role of chronic, mild high homocysteine ​​is considered a possible vascular disease risk factors, vitamin B6 intervention can reduce plasma homocysteine ​​levels.

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