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Chemical composition of vitamin B6

 In the 19th century, pellagra (pellagra) in addition to that due to niacin deficiency, but in 1926 also found that another vitamin deficiency in the feed, will lead to small rodents induced pellagra, and later this material in 1934, was named vitamin B6, until 1938 - was only isolated in 1939, and qualitative and can synthesize vitamin B6.


 Chemical composition

 Vitamin B6 is a generic class of substances known than the duo, for containing active substances that vitamin B6 than the duo are alcohol (pyridoxine), but those who have this feature, there are three chemical forms: (1) than the duo alcohol (pyridoxol), (2) than pyridoxal (pyridoxal), (3) than pyridoxamine (pyridoxamine).


 Its molecular formula, respectively, than the duo alcohols (R = CH2OH), (2) than pyridoxal (R = CHO), (3) than pyridoxamine (R = CH2NH2).


 This substance is a colorless, water-soluble and alcohol crystals, due to the presence of salt (NaCl) of the ingredients, so with a salty taste. Such material is not sensitive to heat, but encountered an alkaline substance or the like when the UV, would soon break down. Hydrochloric acid the melting point than the duo about alcohol 204 ℃ ~ 206 ℃.

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