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Affect the absorption rate of vitamin C factors

Affect the absorption rate of vitamin C factors
The absorption of vitamin C in the body and the intake rate is related, when in intake of 30-60mg, the absorption rate of up to 100%; intake of 90mg, the absorption rate dropped to 80%, when the lower intake of 1500mg 49%, reduced intake of 3000mg at 36%, when the reduced intake 12000mg 16%.

In addition to absorption by the intake of impact, will also be fever, stress, long-term injection of antibiotics and other antibiotics or corticosteroids to reduce the impact.

The absorption of vitamin C
Eat into the small intestine of vitamin C is usually the top (upper part of the duodenum and jejunum) is absorbed, and only a small amount is absorbed by the stomach, and mucous membranes of the mouth also absorbed a little. Absorption of vitamin C will not be transferred directly to the large intestine, large intestine in both transferred to the amount of how much vitamin C, will be broken down into gas intestinal microbial substances, without any effect, so the bodys absorption rate is fixed, and more on the intake equal to more than a waste.


Intestinal absorption of vitamin C intake as differ. Also due to fasting and after meals vary, due to personal differences in intake are also different.

Take vitamin C intake 1000MG view, fasting the absorption rate of about 30%, while the postprandial absorption rate of up to 50%.

  According to the size of the absorption rate of vitamin C intake of more effective to three times a day, immediately after the meal intake is better, but this also can prevent because of the high doses of vitamin C caused by side effects.

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