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Metabolism of vitamin C
Metabolism of vitamin C
Vitamin C in the bodys metabolic process and conversion, there is still no conclusion, but can determine the final metabolite of vitamin C is excreted in the urine. If the urine is too high concentration of vitamin C, it can make to reduce urine pH to prevent bacteria breeding, so there are to avoid urinary tract infection.

Oxalic acid is vitamin C, one of the metabolites, which varies the amount of discharge, an average day there are 16-64MG of oxalic acid from the urine. Most people worry too much oxalic acid can cause stones, in fact, the content of oxalate in the body, in addition to part of the metabolism of vitamin C comes from the outside, most of the rest is a direct intake from food or food from the amino acids produced by metabolism.

By the experiment that, even high levels of intake of vitamin C, the amount of oxalate in urine and will not result in an increase, so do not worry about the problem of vitamin C to bring stones.

Vitamin C excretion by the kidneys, so the kidneys can regulate the function of vitamin C excretion rate. When the tissues of vitamin C up to saturation, the excretion will increase; when the tissues were low, excretion is reduced.

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