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Vitamin C in the stock of human

Vitamin C in the stock of human
 Absorbed from the upper small intestine of vitamin C, through the portal vein, hepatic vein transported to the blood, and transferred to the body parts of the organization.

 When people eat into vitamin C, the pituitary gland, kidney vitamin C concentration, followed by the eye, brain, liver, spleen and other parts. When the total storage capacity of vitamin C is less than 300 mg, there is the risk of occurrence of scurvy, the bodys largest storage capacity of 2000 mg.


 How Vitamin C is destroyed
 Vitamin C is modern and ultimately very fragile vitamins, water, heat, light, oxygen, and smoke will be destroyed. Heat cooking process, put in store according to the sun, soaking, will make vegetables vitamin C significantly reduced. Smoke a cigarette every body will consume 25 mg of vitamin C. Smoking 20 people one day will consume 1-2.5 grams of vitamin C, while the blood concentration of vitamin C may reduce the vitamin C can not be fully effective.

 Whether vitamin C present in vitro or in vivo, it is easy to be destroyed, but even if a large number of intake is harmless, but not all of a sudden intake of too much, because after intake of a large number of people will not necessarily have all been absorbed, the end result or be excreted . The best way is to open intervals, sub-use, so as to enhance the absorption of vitamin C in vivo.

 Smoker meal after meal are required to take health food supplements, vitamin C, seasonal vegetables or fruit vitamin C content up, do not forget to intake.

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